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Weekend cottage in Normandy

(2 days in parentheses )

The weekend package allows you to enjoy your stay at Clos Masure hôtel de campagne ® and its environment between land and sea.

Arriving on Friday, it is 2 nights in a comfortable room which are waiting for you. Enough to take your time to relax and recharge the batteries.

If this is the first time you stay in Upper Normandy, Pays de Caux, you will definitely be surprised how many things to see and do.

Clos Masure hôtel de campagne® enjoys a strategic location in Normandy to organize a weekend -like micro holidays. Saturday you can enjoy the excitement of the big market of Dieppe. A glass to the Tribunaux cafe , lunch on the harbor, Pollet island or why not facing the sea at Pourville or Quiberville .


Your afternoon will be built around a superb ride Varengeville- sur-mer. Attention lightning for this corner of Normandy, Bracque countries , with its cemetery marine and romantic church, its sumptuous gardens and botanical collections. Follow the small signs " la mer " that will lead you to face the magnificent views of the cliffs Gorges d'Ailly time for a walk or a break on the beach with the Alabaster Coast in panorama.

At the end of the day you could enjoy the garden and your room before the dinner which will be served at La Table Clos to ensure you a pleasant evening.

Lazy Sunday without stress. Why not push your trip to St Valery en Caux, a walk along the Veule- the smallest river in France and enjoy charms Veules-les- Roses? You are only a short distance from the majestic cliffs of Etretat. The countryside is beautiful here in the land of Caux.

This is just a sample itinerary . There are so many things to see and do here . You can also give these visits later and enjoy the heyday of the pool , garden and you.

A treatment for total relaxation ? Learn .