logo clos masure hotel de campagne CLOS MASURE hotel de campagne® a luxurious and design hotel en Normandie, proche de la mer, dieppe, rouen, Etretat Le charme de la chambre confort de l'hotel de campagne® CLOS MASURE situé proche de Paris, à proximité de Dieppe. Possibilité de massage, forfait bien-être. fond
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On land, sea side

Between land and sea a single territory, Normandy cliffs, plateaus and valleys. The Pays de Caux has many faces that make all its richness .

THE ALBASTER COAST , with majestic cliffs as a bulwark against the onslaught of waves. A color of the sea as changeable as the weather , green pearl, deep blue or pink subtle. And ridges , land , pastures or crop fields . Natural gems witnessed the power of the elements : Etretat


THE TRAY OF CAUX , and natural soil with exceptional yields. The ground flax - they say the most beautiful in the world - including the capital Doudeville actually festival during the summer. Small roads lined slope , trails for walking or cycling.

THE VALLES who espouse green laces small coastal rivers. The smallest of France is Veules Roses with skirted mills Champs Elysees. A post where people like dawdle town map .

THE REGIONAL PARK OF THE RINGS THE SEINE linking Rouen and Havre . Land of religious history with the Abbeys we discover along the country's most famous river.

A UNIQUE HERITAGE with many castles, mansions , farmhouses and huts enclosed unique in the world. The man knew there create the most beautiful gardens including extraordinary that we are constantly rediscovering each season.

COUNTRY IMPRESSIONISM with its skies and painted many times by the greatest masters such as Claude Monet settled in Pourville -sur -Mer excited by this special light nature .

ROUEN city of a hundred spiers . A city or eras and older architectures coexist . Cathedral illuminated every summer overlooking the city 's vertiginous arrows.
LE HAVRE is a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its post-war architecture . A city reinvented by Auguste Perret.
DIEPPE , cited Jehan Ango, a browser that made ​​the glory. A small town on the nearest of Paris Sea.

Your hôtel de campagne® in the middle of Caux .