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The brand 'hotel de campagne «' - registered with the INPI - is the exclusive property of SARL CLOS MASURE located 8 route of the Plaine 76590 Dieppe BELMESNIL RCS 500 343 546 Ľ á

Phone: 02 32 14 00 00 . - Fax . 02 32 14 46 16

Email: . closmasure@free.fr His website

www.hoteldecampagne.com (online asap) website is hosted OVH.COM . < / p>

All images are Copyright and can not be used without permission. All copies is prohibited and could face prosecution. < / p>

hotel de campagne« denotes an innovative hotel concept . If you are interested in creating your own country hotel « complies with the code of the mark, thank you to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in the development of a new facility in line with expectations of our clientele

hotel de campagne « is a line of products available for sale in the boutique hotel de campagne« situated in the inn CLOS MASURE and available online (soon) on www.hoteldecampagne.com